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Leroy Anderson’s Forgotten Dreams …

October 3, 2017

A few years ago one of my singers and I wrote a melody over the top of Leroy Anderson’s Forgotten Dreams.  I LOVE this piece of music and never tire of it.

We decided to keep it dream-like and wrote some pretty lyrics as if we were in a dream.

I love how it turned out ..


© 2012 Lyrics & Melody by Joanna Finnis/Eliza Migdal

When I close my eyes

And the stars are in the sky

The moon beckons the Sandman

Who takes me off to dreamland

Upon a cloud I fly

As the moon gently floats by

A wonderful sight greets me


I see a rainbow fountain

Upon a glitter mountain

Diamond trees with ruby leaves

Sparkling gently in the breeze

Flowers dance me down

A secret winding trail

To a clear as crystal boat

With a blowing silver sail

Swiftly as I glide through the

Starry nighttime sky

A wonderful sight greets me


I see a rainbow fountain

Upon a glitter mountain

Diamond trees with ruby leaves

Sparkling gently in the breeze


I hear the nighttime sky

Gently sing its lullaby

To those who are asleep

But the light begins to creep

Stars begin to fade

The moon it drifts away

Far from Forgotten Dreams


And when the sun does rise

And its rays open my open eyes

A smile upon my face

With adventures I re-trace

My heart it starts to yearn

With a longing to return

To the land of Forgotten Dreams.

Material Girl (my version!) …

September 18, 2017

Joanna preforming a live demo, I Need You …

September 17, 2017

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Farewell Miss Jacqueline …

August 23, 2017

The worst thing about my job is having to say ‘farewell’ to singers who have been with me for years!  Here is a little dedication to one singer who has been with me for over 6 years, who has struggled with stage fright, has an infectious giggle, wrote her own song and who performed at numerous shows and recitals.  She is going to be greatly missed by all the singers and their families.  Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Jacqueline …




No Good music video …

August 12, 2017

My band Ession created a music video for our released song No Good.  There were lots of laughs 😂 .  To hear and see more of Ession’s music and videos please visit our youtube channel

The importance of rehearsing (live rehearsal snippets) …

July 8, 2017

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to rehearsing.  I love to perform and so of course rehearsing is needed.  It’s an absolute requirement.  No peformer gets away without rehearsing.  As I tell my students, being on stage unrehearsed is one of the worst feelings a performer can feel and I can always tell, during a show, which singers have rehearsed that day prior to walking on stage.

A two-hour gig requires many many more hours of effort.  Just like a dancer or actor an unrehearsed performer lets the team down.  It’s extremely frustrating when one band mate hasn’t learnt their “part” or keeps forgetting their “part” simply because they haven’t taken a few moments daily to work on their “part”.  Plus, it shows a huge lack of respect.  Rehearsing, as boring as it is, creates a unity, a flow of energy that keeps you and your bandmates connected.  You perform as one body of movement because you’re so in tune with each other (pun intended).  Your audience will feel this and you never know who may be watching!!

But, it takes time away from songwriting.  Going into the studio and not creating is extremely frustrating.  I’m quite aware songwriting is like an addiction and not being able to fuel it …. well, I start to get the shakes.  Seriously.

Today I do a gig and I am rehearsed.  I know my chords, the vocals changes I need to make, my song breaks and I’m excited to play my tunes.

Next week I will go into the studio, and I will write, happy in the knowledge that I did all I could have to give a solid performance.  But really, it can’t come soon enough 😩 …

Ession gig on 8th July, 1pm at Santana Row, San Jose

July 6, 2017

My band, Ession, is performing at the beautiful Oak Tree Lounge, Santana Row, San Jose on the 8th July at 1pm.  Here are a few of the tunes we’ll be performing …

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