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APRIL  30th @ 6.58pm – Addison Elementary perform the National Anthem at the Giants stadium – all welcome

MAY 15th @ 6.30pm – Noon Chorus perform their Spring Show at Addison School MP Room – all welcome

MAY 21st @ 3pm – Singing School perform their Spring Show – invite only

JUNE 9th @ 5pm – Ession supports Past Curfew at Scott Park Block Party, Palo Alto – all welcome

JUNE 19th @ 3pm – Ession performs at Palo Alto World Music Day – all welcome

AUGUST 11th @ 9pm  – Super Kitty world premiere gig at Pioneer Saloon, Woodside – all welcome




DECEMBER 21st @ 9pm – Super Kitty gig at Pioneer Saloon, Woodside

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