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Drums of Peace (an original song by Finley) …

April 21, 2018

In 2017, I challenged all my singers to write a song.  It was a successful challenge and my singers and I ended up with some great little ditties.

During the songwriting process, I asked my singers to find a topic they wanted to write about.  Finley and I discussed how powerful music is in bringing people together from all walks of life and how terrific it would be if, instead of fighting, people played music together.  The outcome would be AMAZING!

We both know this is an unrealistic ideal but music does bring diversities together.  It rarely divides.  I see this every time I look at my audience during my recitals.  Religion, nationality, money, politics, they all go out the window and we are united by music.

Finley worked hard on her lyrics to get this message across and I think she ended up with is pretty cool tune …



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