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The importance of rehearsing (live rehearsal snippets) …

July 8, 2017

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to rehearsing.  I love to perform and so of course rehearsing is needed.  It’s an absolute requirement.  No peformer gets away without rehearsing.  As I tell my students, being on stage unrehearsed is one of the worst feelings a performer can feel and I can always tell, during a show, which singers have rehearsed that day prior to walking on stage.

A two-hour gig requires many many more hours of effort.  Just like a dancer or actor an unrehearsed performer lets the team down.  It’s extremely frustrating when one band mate hasn’t learnt their “part” or keeps forgetting their “part” simply because they haven’t taken a few moments daily to work on their “part”.  Plus, it shows a huge lack of respect.  Rehearsing, as boring as it is, creates a unity, a flow of energy that keeps you and your bandmates connected.  You perform as one body of movement because you’re so in tune with each other (pun intended).  Your audience will feel this and you never know who may be watching!!

But, it takes time away from songwriting.  Going into the studio and not creating is extremely frustrating.  I’m quite aware songwriting is like an addiction and not being able to fuel it …. well, I start to get the shakes.  Seriously.

Today I do a gig and I am rehearsed.  I know my chords, the vocals changes I need to make, my song breaks and I’m excited to play my tunes.

Next week I will go into the studio, and I will write, happy in the knowledge that I did all I could have to give a solid performance.  But really, it can’t come soon enough 😩 …

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