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Recycling, Chocolate & Mom …

May 18, 2017

What do Recycling, Chocolate and an Awesome Mom all have in common?  Absolutely nothing!!  They are however the song titles of the three songs that my youngest singers wrote.

Miss Elena knew exactly what she wanted to write about.  Recycling!  A topic she feels very strongly about and she has even created a Recycle Club to help spread the word.  This super catchy ditty is now sung every time the trash gets put out! ♻

Miss Victoria thought it would be fun to write about something she loves.  No, not her family or even the pet dog but chocolate!  Yum!!  We had fun finding all the words we could to describe the loveliness of chocolate. 🍫

Miss Elsa wanted to write about the most important person in her life, her Mom, but I couldn’t let her get away with it being too sappy so we put a fun little twist in her song as Elsa is a little sister to three, yes THREE, older brothers! ❤

Other songs in this series …

Jessica – Crush

Julia – Do It Now!

Gabriel – Sisters

Finley – Drums of Peace

Katie – The Best Out Of Me

Isa – In Your Shoes

Victor – Feel The Rhythm

Clara – I’m Gonna Get In Trouble


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