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Jessica songwriting …

May 9, 2017

This post is part of a series where I’m posting songs that my singers are co-writing.  Today is Miss Jessica.  This young lady was intent on writing a rap … not my forte.  But, I’m not one to be beaten by a challenge so after educating myself on Nikki Minaj 😁 and listening to many Garageband loops, Jessica and I came up with the following fun lyrics and tune … (quickly becoming one of my favorite songs!)


Other song-writing snippets in this series ..

Victor – I Feel The Rhythm

Finley – Drums Of Peace

Julia – Do It Now!

Katie – The Best Out Of Me

Gabriel – Sisters!

Isa – In Your Shoes

Elena (The Recycle Song), Elsa (Awesome Mom), Victoria (I Love Chocolate)

Clara – I’m Gonna Get In Trouble





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