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Finley songwriting …

March 9, 2017

Usually, my singers are busy preparing and rehearsing for a charity event at this time of year but when we returned to class in January, I decided to offer my singers the challenge of co-writing a song with me.

Some singers were ready to dive right in, others were a little nervous but they’ve all greeted the challenge with lots of enthusiasm and the results have been extremely surprising for both myself and my singers.  It’s been wonderful for me to see my singers express themselves with lyrics and music.

We’re still in the process of writing but here’s a little sneak peek of Finley testing out a melody she wrote …

Other songwriting snippets in this series …

Victor – Feel The Rhythm

Jessica – Crush

Julia – Do It Now!

Katie – The Best out Of Me

Gabriel – Sisters!

Isa – In Your Shoes

Elena (The Recycle Song), Elsa (Awesome Mom), Victoria (I Love Chocolate)

Clara – I’m Gonna Get In Trouble

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