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Looking for a Bay Area party band? ….

October 22, 2016

Rich McCauley, Dan Cunningham, Tyler Walton-Zeller, Steve Milne and John Hiss.

Based in Palo Alto, Past Curfew is a five member cover party band.  I recently had the great opportunity to sing front vocals with them.  Wow!  What a blast.


These guys are so professional and fully understand the importance of their role at your unique event whether it be a large corporate function, wedding, block party, community fundraiser, bar or a private party, these guys know how to kick off your event with a blast.

Bass player John Hiss is the main band contact!  He will stay in touch with the party host or event co-ordinatora and will travel to your venue to advise where the band should be located so you get the most out of your live entertainment.


Past Curfew performing at a private event

John will also spend time discussing the party specifics from attire, party theme and any MC’ing that may be required .  Details like ensuring all their equipment (which is insanely top end for the absolute best sound, including lighting) is set-up prior to the event.  They truly understand the importance of the “wow” factor when guests they arrive.


Past Curfew‘s knowledge of music from the past six decades enables these musicians to create the perfect set-list for your event.  Flexibility is key.  If your event attendees are mover ‘n’ shakers from the 60’s or an 80’s dance lovin’ crowd or parents grooving to the latest chart hits from the 00’s, Past Curfew has is covered.  Literally.

Past Curfew‘s gigs are energetic, polished and they know how to get a crowd moving.  Personally, performing with them has been such a treat.  It’s easy to tell these guys are passionate about their music and performing at your event is just as much fun for them as it is for you.  Check out their live performances on their Facebook page.

For more information on having Past Curfew perform at your event (trust me, you want these guys!!) please email John Hiss –

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