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2015 LOL winter recital and comedy set-list …

January 5, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!!

Following is some footage of my lovely singers performing (at their 2015 winter recital) the songs they recorded for the school’s 2015 album Laugh Out Loud.  We had a fun time!!

I hosted the recital at the Dragon Theater; a 100 seat theater nestled among the hustle and bustle of downtown Redwood City which had on this particular afternoon an atmosphere electric with Christmas merriment.  I couldn’t have asked for more.


I recommend the Dragon Theater to any budget conscious entertainer looking for a venue that can provide a big theater vibe but doesn’t need a large location to accommodate their act or audience.  For rental info contact Josiah!


LOL (laugh out loud) set-list:

  • When I’m Cleaning Windows
  • My Name In Lights
  • I Wan’na Be Loved By You
  • Friendship
  • Coming Back As A Man
  • When I’m 64
  • Lipstick On Your Collar
  • Blah, Blah, Blah
  • Stuck
  • Dat Dere
  • I’m A Little Petunia In An Onion Patch
  • If My Friends Could See Me Now
  • It’s Oh So Quiet
  • Buddy Beware
  • Supercalifragilistricexpialidocious

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