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Farewell Emma …

April 1, 2015

It’s the worst part of my job; having to say goodbye.  But it has to be done 😦

Emma Farewell

Emma joined the singing school in September 2011.  From her first lesson it was completely clear that this confident young girl was going to be super fun to sing with.  Hidden beneath her young self-taught vocals I could hear this 9 year old had a natural ear for music.

She loved/s to write songs (yay for me!) and she had and still has the incredible ability to learn melodies at a remarkably fast rate.  Adding a harmony or two comes as natural to her as runs sung by Celine Dion!  All this combined with Emma’s “I’ll give it a go” attitude has resulted in this beautiful 13 year old developing vocals which are beyond her years.

If Emma desires a career in music I am certain it will happen but until then Emma is happy to try out for her school musicals, perform with local theatre groups, sing and write songs with her friends and make time for some new hobbies.

Listen to Emma’s recordings over the years …

I know I speak on behalf of all my singing families when I say that Emma will be greatly missed at the recitals.  I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Emma’s family for being such a big supporter of my singing program and my final words of farewell to Emma are this …

Emma, you have been an absolute joy to sing with.  You have been a wonderful role model to my younger singers.  People love to hear you sing so never stop entertaining even when you doubt yourself because persevering always leads to success.  Keep your positive, friendly attitude and you will be successful in whatever life throws at you in the future.  Joanna xxx



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