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March 3, 2015

LOVE! was the theme of the singing school’s winter show and cd release party which took place in December 2014.

Singin School Love Recital 2014

I selected a range of old and modern love songs but instead of using a full instrumental karaoke track I chose to use a piano-only backing.  This was a new experience for my singers hopefully giving them a slight indication of what it’s like to sing unplugged.  Scary stuff.  No razzmatazz.  No special effects to hide behind.  Just a piano and their vocals.

Steve Milne, as always, did an amazing job producing each track ensuring my singers sounded their absolute best.  Results of all his hard work were clearly evident when a huge smile spread across each singer’s face when hearing the final result.  Please take a listen …

Usually, all my recitals take place at my home but this year I decided to rent a local room which I decorated with cascading hearts on stage and heart accents around the room.  I also did my usual note/photo dedicated to each singer for them to take home.

What I did do differently were my announcements.  This year I left it to each parent to introduce their singer and give them a message of love.  It was very hard for me to keep quiet and to resist the urge to talk about how each singer has grown over the past year.

singing school love 3

The process of selecting suitable songs starts months and mooonths before any singer hits the studio.  Even now I’m collating a playlist for the 2015 cd.  What’s the theme?  You’ll have to wait and see!!

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