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Introducing a new performance group …

August 7, 2014

… The Firefies.

At the beginning of 2014 I created a performance group to accommodate my older singers desires to perform more.  The Fireflies are currently Ellie, Chloe, Asia and Emma and so far this year these young girls have performed 3 extra customized shows for local venues and have another upcoming event in October.

Fireflies 6 copy

Previously these singers had to be content with singing one or two songs at my singing school shows but this group gives the girls the opportunity to be on stage longer fueling their love of singing and performing.


I have kept this performance group for singers who have been signing with me for at least 2 years and are middle-school age.  My younger singers are very excited to have a new venture to start when they come of age.

Palo Alto Music Day

Like all new ventures there was some trial and error but so far my Fireflies performances have been very successful and I’m delighted to see my singers blooming with pride and confidence after their shows.

If you are interested to having The Fireflies perform at your next event please contact

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