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We are the world …

March 25, 2014

Born in Scotland, raised in England and Australia with a few child-hood years in Greece.  New Zealand citizenship and smattering of Maori thrown in.  That’s me!  My children are first generation American as are many many of the children in my very diverse neighborhood, which I love.

I was delighted when recently asked to provide some entertainment at a Heritage Evening Dinner.  What a great opportunity to blab on about all my ancestors 🙂  I refrained from bringing up the story of me being a Maori Princess (cue husband’s eye rolling).

Anyway, I wasn’t given much time to arrange something so I chose very famous songs from different countries around the world and to keep things simple I kept to English-speaking lyrics.  We raised the country’s flag while we warbled away the first verse and chorus of each of the following songs:

1) With a little help from my friends (UK)

2) Danny Boy (Ireland)

3)  Three Little Birds (Jamaica)

4) I have a dream (Sweden)

5) Land Down Under (Australia)

But let’s face it, we wouldn’t be living in the USA if life here wasn’t so great for us.  So as a nod to our chosen country of habitat and to acknowledge these children being first generation Americans I decided to do something a little tongue-in-cheek and replace lyrics to …

6) Born In The USA

Replaced lyrics to Born In The USA were as follows …

Amelia – My mum and Dad are from the UK.  A beautiful country but it rains all day. Home to the Royal Family and where problems are sorted by a cup of tea.

Miya – My Grandparents are from India, where the spices are hot but deli-bellys not.  Colorful clothes are a beautiful array but dressing in 9 yards takes all day!

Gabriel – My Dad’s from Iraq and my Mom’s from Spain, Paella is the dish of the day.  Home to Real Madrid, the best soccer team that EVER did live!!

Simone – My Dad’s a mix, he’s Hungarian but born in Transylvannia.  Don’t stay out way too late, cause Dracula will come and seal your fate!!

Clara – My Dad’s from Sweden and my Mom’s from Spain.  Speaking Swenglish drives me INSANE!

Julia – Born In the USA …. I actually wasn’t but that’s what I’ve gotta say! (Miss Julia was born in Sweden but I ran out of time to alter lyrics so she came up with this funny alternative).

Our little mini-performance was a hit and we’ve been asked back next year.  My head is already spinning with ideas!

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