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I Have A Dream …

November 16, 2013

BFF’s Jacqueline and Brynley are a wonderful duo who bring their fun personalities, laughter and sparkle to my singing room each week.  You can never have a bad day when these two are around.  They will always make you chuckle.


For the 2012 Sweet Dreams Album they worked very hard and recorded a beautiful version of I Have A Dream, the classic sing-a-long song written and performed by Abba. 


Singing isn’t their only love!  Jacqueline (above) plays piano and is an avid swimmer competing with her local swim team.  She also keeps physical with acrobatics and dance.  In her spare time Jacqueline can be found reading or playing with her American Girl doll and she is also currently into making Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelets which she makes for her friends.  Lucky friends!!


Brynley (above) also keeps very active playing soccer, basketball and also competes on a swim team.  Her favorite activity is gymnastics (What?  Not singing?) and she is a typical girly girl with a passion for shopping and clothes!  Believe me, Brynley is never seen without wearing the latest fashionable hair accessory!!

Vocally, these two are coming on in leaps and bounds.  They both have their own unique sound and with their ever-growing confidence I foresee some really great independent singing coming from these two very soon.


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