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Time to say goodbye …

September 9, 2013

… but not quite yet! (sorry, private joke)

Ellie Piano

Ellie is starting her 5th year with the singing school.  Her list of accomplishments is waaaay too long to post in this article but they include playing club soccer, singing with her school choir, piano, volleyball, theatre, singing and she still finds time to hang out with friends!

Ellie has recorded enough songs with me that she could put out her own solo album but for the moment I give you Ellie’s latest song which she recorded for the Sweet Dreams 2012 album: Time To Say Goodbye 

Time To Say Goodbye, also known as Con te partiro is best known performed by Andrea Bocelli.  A powerful song usually sung by opera or power-house singers.  One lesson I teach my singers is to embrace their own unique sound and to never copy an artist.  I always teach my singers a new song without having heard the original.  Once they have learnt the song I then have them listen to the original.  They are often very surprised but by then I have succeeded in my singer having created their own version of the song.

Getting back to Ellie …  when I handed her this song I knew she’d be able to pull it off but it would require lots of work.  As always, Ellie loves a challenge and she rehearsed like crazy and was able to record her own beautiful version.  We were both thrilled with the results!

This year Ellie hopes to add more music into her life and into others by finding ways to perform at charity events.  Something that I’m very excited to help her with.  Watch this space …



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