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The Ash Grove …

July 8, 2013


For the singing schools 2012 Sweet Dreams album I asked Finley to sing The Ash Grove.  An old-fashioned song with weird lyrics that sound like they come from Shakespeare and  a melody that’s full of runs and trills that would challenge any singer little lone a 7 year old.  However, in true Finley-style she took on the challenge with gusto, worked extremely hard and recorded a beautiful version of this classic.  The Ash Grove is a song written in the early 1800’s and also happens to be one of my Grandmother’s favorite songs.

Click on song title to hear Finley sing  The Ash Grove

Last year Finley was part of a duo with fellow singer, Simone, but this year they decided to part and take on new challenges suitable for their style and vocal range.  A move that has worked out favorably for both singers and has kept these two the best of friends.

When she’s not performing in a singing show Finley can be found spending time with her family fishing on a lake.  She also loves to dance, is an accomplished skier, plays soccer and is a huge Stanford Football fan.  She is also a wonderful big sister to a brother.

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