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Forgotten Dreams …

May 24, 2013

… but, there’s nothing forgetful about 11 year old Miss Eliza.



Forgotten Dreams is a beautiful piece of music written by American composer Leroy Anderson.  It’s a piece I hold close to my heart as my mother used to play this on the piano and I’d dance to it.  I won a ballet choreography competition using this music and I also walked up the aisle to it.  I knew I wanted this perfectly-suited piece on the singing school’s Sweet Dreams 2012 album but wasn’t sure what to do with it.  I had heard a 1960’s version with a melody and lyrics but wasn’t keen on it so I asked Eliza if she would be interested in writing her own melody and lyrics to put over the piano.  Eliza was a little unsure she would be able to pull it off but with guidance from me and lots of creative thinking we came up with a song that is probably my favorite on the album.

We kept to a dream theme in which anything goes and it also kept it easy for us to rhyme odd words e.g. ‘I see a rainbow fountain, upon a glitter mountain’.  I think Eliza’s version is beautiful (a little biased maybe) and have since had my choir perform it at their spring show.  Listen to Eliza singing her version of ‘Forgotten Dreams’: 

Eliza is a girl of many talents!  When she doesn’t have her nose buried in a book she can found doing one of the many activities she loves: Surfing, skiing, horse riding, playing soccer, swimming, taking part in her church musicals, playing piano or simply hanging out with her lovable mutt.


© 2012 Melody & Lyrics by Eliza M* * * *l/Joanna Finnis


When I close my eyes

And the stars are in the sky

The moon beckons the sandman

Who takes me off to dreamland

Upon a cloud I fly

As the moon gently floats by

A wonderful sight greets me


I see a rainbow fountain

Upon a glitter mountain

Diamond trees with ruby leaves

Sparkling gently in the breeze


Flowers dance me down

A secret winding trail

To a clear as crystal boat

With a blowing silver sail

Swiftly as I glide through the

Starry nighttime sky

A wonderful sight greets me 


I see a rainbow fountain

Upon a glitter mountain

Diamond trees with ruby leaves

Sparkling gently in the breeze


I hear the nighttime sky

Gently sing its lullaby

To those who are asleep

But the light begins to creep

Stars begin to fade

The moon it drifts away

Far from Forgotten Dreams


And when the sun does rise

And its rays open my open eyes

A smile upon my face

With adventures I re-trace

My heart it starts to yearn

With a longing to return

To the land of Forgotten Dreams.

Eliza abby

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