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And now, the end is near …

May 12, 2013

Yesterday was a glorious 82 degrees and my garden was filled to the max with family and friends in support of my singer’s final show of the year.

Singing Garden

We did a longer set than usual as I had agreed that my singer’s could perform a pop song of their choice along with a piece that I had selected for them.  I also steered away from the taking the usual ‘serious’ photo I do for these events and took silly ones which gave an element of surprise when parents peered into the paper flowers I had made 🙂

Garage door

This is also my chance to say “thank you” to those people who help behind the scenes to make this all happen.  My wonderful husband who supports my passion and is always there cooking up a wonderful BBQ for guests to enjoy.  My in-laws who do all the cleaning up so I can enjoy my guests company and Steve Milne who does all the song edits, gives his time, equipment and patience to provide these singers a great experience when performing on stage.


But of course, my biggest THANK YOU goes to my singers and their families who support me 100% in everything I do.  I have a great community around me and working with these young singers never gets boring.  I’m already looking forward to the next year of singing.  I foresee an 80’s CD, another charity show for Lytton Gardens and a live band for the summer show.  Stayed tuned and Happy Summer!!!

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