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Miss Simone …

March 15, 2013

Simone is eight years old and has been singing with the school for nearly three and half years, in fact, she was one of my first ever pupils!


Listen to Simone singing ‘Somewhere Out There’

Simone loves a challenge and she was no different when I offered her ‘Somewhere Out There’ to record on the 2012 cd, Sweet Dreams.  She worked extremely hard at it and as you can hear the results were amazing. ‘Somewhere Out There’ was written by the very talented James Horner and won a Grammy for best song in 1988.

Besides from singing, Simone loves to Ski with her family and friends …


and  LOVES to Salsa dance … check her out her moves!!

Don’t be surprised if you see this blue-eyed gal on the silver screen sometime soon.


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