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Hey there hoopla, the circus is in town …

February 2, 2013

Last year I posted an article with ideas on how to throw a children’s ‘Singing Party’ and while today’s post is not so much to do with singing or music I wanted to share my ideas for a ‘Circus Party’ which I threw for my 6 year old daughter.

I find with each children’s themed party I throw there is one element of the party which requires more attention/thought than other areas.  For last year’s singing party I focused on the accessories.  This year it was the decorating and games.

I don’t have a huge house so after I pushed all the furniture to the edge of my living room walls, this is what the party-goers experienced … but first, a must: clown noses, blowers and lots of balloons to keep party guests entertained while waiting for their friends to arrive.

01-2013 Amelia's 6th Birthday Party4542


  • I placed a huge glitter curtain at the front door for all the children to walk through.  So simple but a big hit.
  • To give a a big top feel I hung red crepe paper from the center of the ceiling to the edge of the room.
  • I used huge windmills to decorate the room.  The children also took these home as favors.

Amelia's party


  • Tight rope walking – First, I laid a long line of blue painters tape across the floor. Next, I got a pole and taped a fork onto each end.  Lastly, place a coin on each fork and see if the child can walk the line without dropping the money.  If they do, they win the money.
  • Roll the ball – I placed colorful sticker dots on the floor with a coin amount on each dot.  The child rolled the ball and whatever amount the ball landed on the child won that amount.
  • Pin the nose on the clown – I purchased this game and the kids loved it.  The highest scorer won a prize.
  • Classic games – pass the parcel, musical bumps and musical statues.
  • Magic – my husband would randomly pull money from children’s ears and my son performed some magic tricks.
  • Piñata

Apart from the classical games and Piñata there was no order to when a child wanted to play a game.  I recruited family members to assist with a game station so the children could go from game-to-game whenever they pleased.  This stopped the children having to ‘wait their turn’.

Amelia's Birthday party

Party favors & prizes:

  • I’m not a huge fan of the ‘goody bag’ with lots of little trinkets inside.  For this party I gave each child a small bag which they filled during the party with their winnings from the circus games and sweets from the Piñata.
  • I wouldn’t usually give money as a prize but on this occasion it felt okay – a dollar was top prize.  A stuffed toy like you would find at a fun fair would be a good alternative but this could become costly.

Food & Cake:

  • IT’S A PARTY!!  What harm is some junky party food once-in-a-while going to do?  This year it was chicken nuggets, Jello, cheese puff potato chips and chocolate brownies.
  • I’m not a cook but I do always home-build my birthday cakes.  Unfortunately, this years cake didn’t turn out so great.  My circus tent looked like a big red blob 😦  but the kids still loved and ate it 🙂

Lastly, always remember to send out a ‘Thank You’.  I sent out this photo with a personal thank you note on the back.

01-2013 Amelia thank you4619

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