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I’ve Seen Hell …

January 31, 2013

Romantic period dramas are made for people like me.  Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights … I love them all.  In 2004 the BBC aired North and South.  Not the American civil war mini-series North and South but the 1855 romance novel written by Elizabeth Gaskell.

The story is about a young lady, Margaret Hale, who has to leave her beautiful home in the south of England and move to Milton, an industrial town in the north.  She struggles to accept her new dirty surroundings and clashes with one of the cotton mill owners, the very handsome but tough Mr. John Thornton.  Of course, Mr Thornton falls for Margaret but finds it hard to show his loving side.  The character of John Thornton is brilliantly acted by Richard Armitage.

‘I’ve Seen Hell’  is one of the many beautiful compositions by the very talented Martin Phipps that accompanies this story.  Some people like to see art but I like to hear it and this piece of music invokes so many emotions, just like art should.

I can’t listen to music being played quietly so I encourage you to crank it up and let this piece take you away!

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