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Check out this singer, Caro Emerald …

August 26, 2012

Last night I watched the new Disney nature film ‘Chimpanzee’ with my children.  The film is a wonderful story about a baby Chimp named Oscar who loses his mother and is adopted by an unlikely family member.   But what jumped out at me most was the title song ‘That Man’ by Caro Emerald which worked wonderfully with the playful antics of little Oscar.


‘That Man’ had my kids and I sofa-dancing to the fun piano riff,  bouncy beats and jazzy, catchy melody.  When the film was over I immediately wiki’d her and then promptly bought her album ‘Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor’ in both digital and vinyl.  Every song is so catchy and fun and I love she’s Swedish – very unexpected!

Caro Emerald has had Platinum sales and is a well-known Jazz singer through-out Europe but here in the US, not so much.  Be sure to check her out …

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