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Volunteer – your community NEEDS you!

August 22, 2012

If you have spare time and you are able then it is my belief that you should volunteer.  Everyone has a skill that they can pass on from sports, academics, arts or just simply visiting a person in need.  I was raised in a family that volunteered, so when I found myself with a few spare hours a week I immediately asked “what can I do for my community?”

I work part time and I’m a mother of two but one morning a week I volunteer at my local school to run their choir.  It’s more demanding than you’d expect but I know I’m bringing music into some children’s lives who have no musical opportunities plus it has led to some fantastic opportunities for myself that I would never have had if I didn’t volunteer.

Every community will have a need for extra help particularly clubs for children and the elderly.  Schools are usually desperate for extra help.  Pick something you enjoy so that it never becomes a chore (mine happens to be singing) and be sure to volunteer hours that fit into your lifestyle.  It may only be the odd hour here and there but I can tell you that it will bring endless joy into another persons life.

My reward for volunteering!!

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