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Me and Mr Jones …

July 13, 2012

Howard Jones – 1983

Howard Jones and I go way back 🙂   I was 11 when he released ‘Humans Lib’ and I remember laying on the bedroom floor listening to What is love? over and over again thinking this is what heaven must sound like.  At the time I was living in Australia and I remember begging my mother for concert tickets when he toured.  Seeing him in concert cemented my life-long love for him.

I saw him again in 1993 in High Wycombe, UK on his 10 year anniversary tour.  By this time I had been writing songs for several years and so I sent him a tape with a few of my own songs.  Howard Jones being the gentleman he is sent me this lovely letter.

‘Dear Joanna, Thank you for your tapes.  I am very impressed with your writing and beautifully in tune singing.  By the time you get this letter your career will have taken off.  My favorite song is ‘I do’ which is excellent.  Keep writing and singing, and make your own album because people should be able to hear what you do whether it’s ’10 or 10 million’.  Best wishes, good luck, Howard Jones’

I was 19 when I received this letter and now it hangs in the Grounds for Dismissal studio where I have recorded two band albums and one solo album.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing him again on his ‘Humans Lib & Dream into Action’ in their entireties tour in San Francisco.  He is a classy entertainer and hearing his music boom throughout the venue was utter bliss.  His albums are over 20 years old and yet they sound as good as any synth music produced today.

Howard Jones – July 12th 2012, San Francisco.

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