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Breathe …

June 14, 2012

The very first thing my students learn when they come to me is ‘breathing’ and I’m sure they all hate it when I make them lay on the floor with a pile of books on their tummies!  Some ‘get it’ right away but most will breathe into their chests causing their shoulders to touch their ear lobes.   I was sent this article on the importance of correct breathing from a friend who is living with MS.

Breathe: Your Life Depends On It

It seems odd that we need to practice something that we already do naturally but you would be surprised at how difficult it is when you first try.  It is an absolute must for singers to be able to breathe correctly and there are some great tutorials online from singing teachers showing the art of correct breathing.

My lucky students will all be getting a copy of this when they return in the Fall (sarcasm intended).

Just for fun … here are three songs about breathing 🙂  (please hit the ‘youtube’ button in the video box, bottom right)

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