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HRH Diamond Jubilee …

June 3, 2012

It took a few years but now I love living in sunny California, however, even after 12 years there are still times when I really miss my home country.  This weekend would be one of them.

The UK has been given a 4-day weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (60 years reign) and I’d love to be there.  Regardless of whether you’re a royalist or not, people all over the UK, from all nationalities will be getting together, flying the Union Jack and taking part in many of the organized Jubilee celebrations either in person or watching on the telly.  But one type of celebration I really wish I was there for is the Street Party!!

(click on the youtube logo, bottom right, to get the video to work!)

My first memory of a British street party was in 1981 when Charles and Di got married.  It was HUGE!!  The village where I lived and the surrounding villages gathered for an enormous parade and banquet on a street which seemed miles long.  Back in 1977 when I was living in Scotland my mother took me to the Queen’s 25th Jubilee celebrations.

Joanna Finnis (right) in 1977, Scotland, celebrating the 25th Jubilee.

Yesterday Grounds for Dismissal played at a block party … not quite the same as a UK street party.  There weren’t any scotch eggs, jelly or pork pies but it was still a great time for the neighbours, I mean neighbors, to get together and celebrate ….. nothing! 🙂

Grounds for Dismissal playing a block party, Palo Alto, 2012

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