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A Rockin’ 5th Birthday!

April 13, 2012

My 4 year old asked for a ‘Singing Party’ for her 5th birthday.  A simple request from someone who has NO fear when it comes to performing.  My challenge was how to give her her wish without it costing too much and making all the party-goers feel comfortable.  Not all children love to sing, dance and prance.

Here’s what I did …

EVITE! . . . I found a fabulous ‘Rockin’ Birthday Invite (Free).  Be sure to invite lots of kids.

PLAYLIST . . . with kid appropriate songs.  I also purchased a couple of songs which are known for their dance routines: The Macarena, The Chicken Dance, Agadoo etc.

DECORATE . . . I put up my disco glitter ball, lots of balloons and white Christmas lights.

PROPS . . .  When each child arrived they were given a sparkly microphone, a blow-up guitar and a pair of neon sunglasses.

This was where I chose to splash out some $$.  I decided props were the most important element for the kids to feel like pop stars and they took them home as their party favors.  ($140 from Century Novelty)

GAMES . . . I prepared the following games which all require dancing.  Prizes were kid-friendly DVD’s that I found on sale at Safeway ($4 each)

  • Musical Statues
  • Musical Bumps
  • Musical Chairs
  • Pass The Parcel – a prize wrapped as many times as there are children at the party.  Each layer should be in different colored wrapping paper.  When the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel gets to unwrap ONE layer to reveal the next layer.  Music re-starts, parcel gets pass around again … this continues until someone opens the layer that reveals a prize!  I like to put a lollipop or stickers with each layer to keep the game exciting.
  • Pin the microphone on the star
P I Z Z A . . .   It’s going to be hectic, so for me, to keep things simple I ordered delivery pizza.  It’s always a hit, kids love it and actually eat it!
CAKE . . . I made cupcakes … from a box.  Thank you Betty Crocker for making my life simple!
  • As the party host, you MUST be prepared to perform yourself.  The kiddies look for guidance and sometimes need encouragement.  Play air guitar, do the dance routines and sing the songs, loudly.  Be silly!! 
  • Keep the theme singing and dancing but don’t actually make any child do either if they don’t want to.
  • With regards to the games, be clear that there can only be one winner!  I always ask them, in a fun way of course,  “how many winners can there be?” & “are we going to have fun even if we don’t win?”  to which they scream “YEEEEEES!!”  🙂
  • I keep non and alcoholic beverages available for parents who need to stay at the party.  Dads will gather by the beer and they are always extremely thankful.

*  *  *  H A V E    F U N !!  *  *  * 

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